new issuepisode!

No Headlines AudoZine is back with some bass for your face and some mind for your spine.


elephant in the room — Joshua Shame with Jonah Strauss
On Animal Crossing — No Headlines AudioZine
Chopper’s song — Chris Collision (text by Matthew Hunter)
the Green Goblin vs. the twin towers — Abe the Professor
the anti-conspiracy theory — Joshua Shame with Joe the Stylist
a plea (regarding the apocalypse) — the Modern Mouse
nerd talk (regarding the apocalypse) — No Headlines AudioZine

Music by:
Drew Cook, Johnny X and the Groadies and Ghost Monsoon

No Headlines AudioZine is brought to you by:

Joshua Shame

the Modern Mouse

Abe the Professor

Chris Collision

Thanks for listening.


Number One Fan

Handsome Mr. Wilson “Built Like A” Tanq sent us this charming photo with some words of encouragement.

Says Mr. T of the show:

“My favorite bit was the talking nerds about the thing, please make more.”

Well, now, Willie. That was handsome of you. All of us here at NoHAZ are prodding the help electrically to get you more of what you like. And thanks for writing! We appreciate the feedback!

Remember kids: If you don’t like it…you’re gonna learn to love it. Ric Flair said that!

-Joshua Shame


first issue! AKA, thirty minutes you’ll never get back


You want credits? We got your credits Right Here. no headlines audiozine is, alphabetically:
Abe the Professor
Chris Collision
Joshua Shame
the Modern Mouse

Issue 1 features music used with permission by:

Drew Cook, Mur.Der, Joshua Shame, Seoul Avenger, Friends Family Lovers, and Petty Crime

Thanks guys, you all should google them or something!

And now your set list:

walking timetable | By the Professor
Dear Spam | By The Modern Mouse
Gary Gilmore | By The Professor
see you in the funny pages | By Chris Collision
Future BnE | By Joshua Shame
Nerd talk


Hello world!

This will soon be carrying the Audiozine soon to be known to the world as no headline Audiozine. This is the professor and I have nothing outside of that. The first issue should be up before the week is out. Loves and Fishes, Abe the Professor

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